Chimney cap

To cap it all for your chimney...

You need a chimney cap. Find the most affordable one today and prevent potential fires, odors and more from developing within your chimney. Call now for service from the Top Hat professionals!

Pyramid chimney cap

Protect yourself.

Stay safe by adding a chimney cap. Whenever you use your fireplace, you create a large number of sparks. Most of these sparks stay within the fire chamber, but some do reach the chimney top. Without a chimney cap,these sparks could easily ignite your roof or nearby flammable materials. Don't endanger yourself or your home. Call today and ask for expert service on chimney caps.  

Keep unwanted animals and water damage away.

Prevent animals and water damage from harming your home with a chimney cap. When animals nest inside your chimney, they can cause unpleasant odors and fire hazards. When water seeps into the mortar joints, it can cause bricks to become loose. Water can also soak into the bricks themselves, causing the bricks to crack as the water freezes and expands. Don't let animals or water damage hurt your home. Call now for your chimney cap.

For your safety cap, call today


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